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Welcome to the Official Schthack PSO Private Server Wiki!

For all things related to PSO and Schtserv!

We hope you enjoy your stay

Current Event

 No Current Event

Current Casino Prizes

Casino located in Lobby 13 Only on PSO BB

 Ryuker - 5 tickets
 Add Slot - 20 tickets
 Mag paint: Red - 50 tickets
 Mag paint: Gray - 50 tickets
 Disk #2 - 70 tickets
 Maser Beam 34 hit - 330 tickets
 Death Ray - 550 tickets
 Aura Field max - 823 tickets
 Monkey King Bar 19 hit - 1820 tickets
 Rupika - 2460 tickets
 Material Reset - 3000 tickets
 Megid Lvl 30 - 5920 tickets

Current Lottery Item Prizes

The Lottery is BlueBurst only. At the beginning of each hour on blocks with 15 or more players, the lucky winner will receive:

 Red Sword
 Spread Needle
 L&K38 Combat
 Club of Laconium
 The Sigh of a God
 Photon Drop(s)
 Photon Crystal(s)
 Item Exchange Ticket