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Get started with the following guides.

Guide Title Guide Link
Advanced Infobox Advanced Infobox
Installation Installation Guide
Contact Contact Extension
Hiding Content Hiding Content
Subscriber Plugin Subscriber Plugin
Toolbar Extension Toolbar Extension
Android App Android App
Footer Widgets Footer Widgets
Shortcodes Shortcodes

Choose from the following guides to learn how to incorporate Bootstrap features into your articles.

Guide Title Guide Link
Action Box Action Box
Alerts BootStrap Alerts
Alphabetic Nav Nav Tabs Alphabetic
Buttons BootStrap Buttons
Colour Classes BootStrap Colour Classes
Dismissable Portlets BootStrap Portlets
Dropdown Navs Bootstrap Dropdowns
Font Awesome Font Awesome
Image Boxes BootStrap Image Boxes
Info Boxes Horizontal Info Boxes
Jumbotron BootStrap JumboTron
Lightbox images Lightbox
Mega Menu BootStrap Megamenu
Modals BootStrap Modals
Nav Bar BootStrap Nav Bar
Nav Tabs BootStrap Nav Tabs
Orbital Slideshow Slideshow
Pagination BootStrap Pagination
Panels BootStrap Panels
Pills BootStrap Pill Nav
Popovers BootStrap Popovers
Responsive Tables Responsive Tables
Scrolling Windows Bootstrap Scrolling Windows
Tables Bootstrap Tables
Text based Orbital slider Orbital Text
Tool Tips BootStrap Tool Tips
Typography Typography
Wells BootStrap Wells

A selection of pre-made page layouts to copy and paste into your wiki pages.

Layout name Layout link
News Layout Bootstrapskin News
About Layout Bootstrapskin About

A selection of optional css based component that add a little extra style to your pages.

Optional name Optional link
Event List Bootstrapskin Events
Highlighted Comments Bootstrapskin Highlight
Hollow Buttons Hollow Buttons

A small selection of essential reading guides.

Guide name Guide link
Changer header color Header Color
Fixing Duplicate content Duplicate Content
Fixing Mediawiki selflink Mediawiki Selflink
Force SSL url Force SSL