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Author: GlitchyGirl (GuildCard#22127408)

How to get PSO BB to do full screen window in Win 10, with explanations! Okay the reason why PSOBB simply will not run in Win 10 without mucking about is because the older versions of Direct X simply do not want to play nicey with what appears to be the newer win 10 drivers. This is why you get the following error in the error log if you try to run it out of the gate. Error : Can't find DisplayMode Error : Can't use format [D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8]

Error : Can't find DisplayMode Error : Can't use format [D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8]

So here's how you fix this!

Go to your options menu accessed through the online.exe program. Next, set your resolution so that it is in windowed mode. Now, if it has already crashed once, what you want to do is set your resolution to the highest it will go and save. From here see if it runs. Now chances are it will probably crash, if it does. No big deal!

All you have to do is keep repeating the process by going down a resolution size until you find that it runs.

At this point now you'll find that the game is smaller than you were planning on playing which is indeed a bit of an inconvenience, but never fear there is also a way to fix this too!

What you'll want to do is go into the PSOBB directory. Next, after you do this you will run Online.exe . AFTER you run it you'll want to rename PSOBBn so that it is PSOBBw and vice versa. From here you'll find that you now have a full screen window.



Unfortunately you cannot simpy rename the files read only and then run online.exe because it will hang once it cannot overwrite and rename the files.


Don't worry about futzing with advanced rendering because this is only a band-aide fix that works on some machines, not all!