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NORMAL: Angel Ring Amplifier of Healing Amplifier of Darkness Valkyrie Black Gear Tp/Resurrection TypeDS/Double Saber

HARD: Marina’s Bag Principals Gift Parasol Daylight Scar Wedding Dress Devil/Technique Holy Ray Soul Eater Divine Protection Mag paint: Green

V-HARD: Angel Harp Heavenly/Technique White Ring Brightness Circle Dress Plate HP/Ressurection Heavenly/Technique Evil Curst Soul Banish Sigurd’s Staff Mercurius Rod Mag paint: Blue

ULT: Heart of devil Dancing Hitogata Book of Hitogata Prophets of Motav 41% dark Demonic Fork any hit 18% Parasit Wear: Vajulla Deity/Power *new item Sniper/Arm *new item JIZAI