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Schtserv Halloween Event 2018


Event Duration

October 1st - November 5th 2018

EXP and Drop Boosts

Date EXP Rate Drop Rate
October 1st -
October 7th
2x 2x
October 8th -
October 21st
October 22nd -
October 28th
October 29th -
November 5th

New Quest

Tormentium's Request is a new quest for the event. It can be found under Episode 4 > VR.

Custom Skins

For the duration of the event, various things have been reskinned.
Lobby 1 has received a reskin.
The HUD has been replaced with a custom event-themed reskin.
In addition, Saint-Million, Shambertin and Kondrieu have all received a reskin for the event.

Random Specials

During the event, a random PMT table will be chosen. This will shuffle around and change certain weapon specials.
PMT4's shuffle was kept hidden at the start of the event. Updated based on user reports.

Special PMT1 PMT2 PMT3 PMT 4
Gush TP Steal Fire - Thunder
Geist - Demons -  ????
Master's - - - Berserk
King's - - - Charge
Charge Ice - Gush  ????
Spirit Thunder - Demons Geist
Berserk Hell Hell Arrest HP Steal
Blizzard Charge - -  ????
Arrest Demons Spirit Hell Ice
Burning Berserk - Demons  ????
Dark Fire - -  ????
Hell HP Steal Lords -  ????
Chaos Arrest Charge Gush Paralysis
Devil's TP Steal Ice Charge  ????
Demon's Spirit Gush Ice Devil's


A new unit that can drop from Saint-Million - Whirlwind/Battle boosts attack speed by 70%!

Lantern Drops

Jack o'Lanterns can drop anywhere in Normal - Very Hard, and from Hallo Rappies in Ep2 on all difficulties.
Crack & Scht o'Lanterns can drop anywhere in Ultimate only.

Lantern Contents

Jack o'Lanterns Crack o'Lanterns Scht o'Lanterns
Weapons come with up to 40 on substats. Weapons come with up to 55 on substats. Weapons come with up to 61 on substats.

Hell Laser
Arrest Raygun
Chain Sawd
Twinkle Star
Spread Needle
Angel Harp
Soul Eater
Partisan of Ice
Rocket Punch
Burning Visit
Congeal Cloak
Cat Ears
Angel Ring
Si Merge
Heart of Devil

Charge Mechgun
Bringer's Rifle
Frigid Needle
Rika's Claw
Yasminkov 7000V
Ano Rifle
Handgun: Guld
Soul Banish
Tempest Cloak
Torn Dragon Vest
Tempest Cloak
Gi Merge
Parts of Baranz
Schty Bucks 1000

Imperial Pick
Master Raven
Last Swan
Dragon Needle
Ignition Cloak
Black Gear
Yellow Ring
Safety Heart
Ra Merge
Ill Gill Plate
Elenor Lv0 (Leilla,Estlla,Farlla)
Schty Bucks 5000