Monster Parameters

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What is ATP? What does it do? What are their movement values?

We explain here what each parameter is and how it affects the monster.

Battle Parameters

ATP( Attack power ) = The amount of attack power the monster has. Determines how strong its physical attacks are.

MST(Mind Strength) = Determines how strong a monster special attack will be ( e.g Chaos Sorcere's tech damage)

EVP(Evasive Power) = How often you will miss will be determined by this number.

HP (Health Points) = Enemy's health.

HP2 (Health Points 2) = (how i explain) :(

DFP (Defense Points) = How much defense the monster has. If really low, you will deal less damage.

ATA (Attack Accuracy) = How often a monster will hit you. It also determines if you will or will not block their attack.

LCK (Luck) = The likeliness of a monster landing a critical hit.

ESP (Effectiveness vs. Special Attack) = This is what determine whether certain special attacks (Freeze/Paralyze/Confuse) will be more effective. The higher the number, the less likely the monster will be afflicted.

Range1 (Monster Range 1) = The distance at which the monster can attack you.

Range2 (Monster Range 2) = If applicable, same as Range1.

XP (Experience) = How much experience the monster gives upon being killed.

TP (Technical Points) = The amount of TP the monster has.

Resistance Parameters

EFR (Elemental Fire) - Fire resistance of monster

EIC (Elemental Ice) - Ice resistance of monster

ETH ( Elemental Thunder) - Thunder resistance of monster

ELT (Elemental Light) - Light resistance of monster

EDK (Elemental Dark) - Dark resistance of monster

Note: EDK also affects the effectiveness of Hell special.