Psycho Wand

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Psycho Wand
Psychowand id.png
Type: Rod
Requirement: 900 MST
Class: Fonewearl
Stars: ★★★★★★★★★★★★
Max Grind: 0
Special: Tech Cast (Lv11 Simple Tech)
Ability: Tech Boost
Razonde +50%
TP cost -50%
Server Note: Custom!!!
ATP Increased!

A mysterious cane, known only as the ultimate cane. Its abilities are unknown.

Item Statistics

 Decreases TP costs by 50%; additionally the total TP cost of the Technique is taken out of the user's HP. 
Damage taken in this manner doesn't show up to other players until you take an actual hit, or die from the effect.
If the weapon is below all other TP cost reducing equipment (Mother Garb, Adepts) and those are equipped as the room is made, the HP cost will instead be whatever the previously-reduced TP cost was, eg if a tech costs 40 TP, with the Wand alone it'd be 40 HP. But if the Wand is under an equipped Adept when joining the room, it will instead cost 30 HP. This is also achieved by banking the weapon before leaving the room and taking it out after joining a new one.
Casts a random level 11 simple technique as the special attack.

Drop Rate and Location

Ultimate - Caves - Mil Lily: Purplenum - 1/52
Ultimate - Mines - Sinow Red: Pinkal - 1/2979
Ultimate - Ruins - Bulclaw: Yellowboze - 1/2276
Ultimate - Ruins - Gran Sorcerer: Greenill - 1/2341
Ultimate - Ruins - Gran Sorcerer: Redria - 1/2341
Ultimate - CCA - Gibbles: Oran - 1/1862
Ultimate - Tower - Gibbles: Oran - 1/1862
Ultimate - Tower - Delbiter: Bluefull - 1/2561
Ultimate - Tower - Del Lily: Whitil - 1/2601
Ultimate - Seabed - Sinow Zele: Pinkal - 1/2926
Ultimate - Seabed - Delbiter: Bluefull - 1/2561

Usable Classes

The table below will display which class(es) are allowed to equip the Psycho Wand in-game. A green background means the given class can equip the item, a red background stands for the complete opposite - it means said class cannot equip the item.

Humar Hunewearl Hucast Hucaseal
Ramar Ramarl Racast Racaseal
Fomar Fomarl Fonewm Fonewearl