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Xmas Event Info

Schtserv Xmas 2016 Archive

Each day, a new item and bonus will be revealed. The bonuses will either be x2 or x3 drop or rare monster rate increase. The special items will drop anywhere.

A special quest, Xmas Trial 2016 is available. In this quest, it will give you points. Those points can be gathered to spend on unique items that will be available for sale in a special Christmas shop quest. The faster you complete the Xmas Trial, the more points you will earn. The top 4 players that have gathered the most points for that day will be displayed on the advent calendar.

New Xmas Items

Xmas Shop List

Item Points
HP/Revival 2,000pts
Tequila Bottle 2,000pts
Parasitic Cell Type D 3,000pts
Syncesta 3,500pts
Item Points
TP/Revival 2,200pts
God/Technique 3,100pts
Amplifier of Ra 5,000pts
Proof of Sword-Saint 7,000pts
Adept 8,000pts
Candy Cane 8,500pts
Item Points
All/Resist 3,000pts
Gal Gryphon Wing 4,500pts
Smartlink 6,500pts
Dark Matter 10,000pts
Sealed J-Sword 12,000pts
Vanguard 15,000pts

Event Bonuses