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Xmas Event Info

Photon Crystal Crush Bullet Brightness Circle Amitie's Memo
TP Material Delsaber's Buster Candy Cane Chameleon Scythe
Egg Blaster Suppressed Autogun Girasole Crazy Tune
Suppressed Gun Double Booma Claws Izmaela Dancing Hitogata
Harisen Battle Fan Tequila Bottle Ancient Saber Meteor Rouge
Victor Axe V101 Rianov 303SNR-5 Rico's Earring
Technical Crozier Daisy Chain P-Arm's Blade Sange & Yasha
Item Exchange Ticket Gi-Gue Bazooka Casino/Luck Solferino
Suppressed Lockgun Heart of Morolian Suppressed Raygun
Double Gobooma Claws Suppressed Railgun Tank/Body
Partisan of Lightning Double Gigobooma Claws Holy Ray
Tablet Nidra Principal's Gift Parasol
Raikiri Soniti
Two Kamui
Virus Armor:Lafuteria
Dual Bird
Schthack's Jacket
Voltaic Shield
Yasminkov 2000H
Bringer's Rifle
Prism Exalt
Schthack's Shield
Three Seals

Christmas Shop Quest Information

Christmas 2017 Shop List

Item Points
Tequila Bottle 2,000 Points
Trap/Search 3,000 Points
Magic Stone "Iritista" 3,500 Points
D-Photon Core 8,000 Points
Item Points
Magic Water 2,500 Points
Amplifier of Megi 3,000 Points
Heavenly/Technique 5,000 Points
Amplifier of Si 7,000 Points
Adept 8,000 Points
Mat Reset 10,000 Points
Item Points
Heavenly/Resist 3,500 Points
V101 5,000 Points
Sinow Red's Arms 6,000 Points
Honeycomb Reflector 7,000 Points
Centurion/Ability 8,000 Points
From the Depths 10,000 Points

Tier Unlock Information

Tier Unlock Information
500,000 Kills == x2 EXP
1,000,000 Kills == x2 Rare Enemies
1,500,000 Kills == Added extra event items!
2,000,000 Kills == x2 Rare Drop Rate
2,500,000 Kills == x3 EXP
3,000,000 Kills == Added extra event items!
3,500,000 Kills == x3 Rare Drop Rate
4,000,000 Kills == Added extra event items!
4,500,000 Kills == x3 Rare Enemies
5,000,000 Kills == x4 EXP
6,000,000 Kills == x4 Rare Enemies
7,000,000 Kills == x4 Rare Drop Rate
On 12/25/2017 there were x5 boosts until the end of the day.
On 12/25/2017 through 1/4/2018 (Estimate) there was a boost to tekking items (20% from default 15%).
 *Armors and Shields will have variable stats
 *Weapons will have random percents, ranging from 5-60%
 *Mags will be level 5 and a random color, if applicable.
 *Empress will have random percents, ranging from 1-40%(50%?) after Dev team implemented a change.
*saw a 66hit empress --Adelia Emp66hit.png